Vetark ReptoBoost, 100g


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Vetark ReptoBoost, 100g

  • Pick-me-up for debilitated repitles
  • Packed full of probiotics, electrolytes, glucose and vitamins
  • Easy to administer, simply add to the drinking water
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Vetark ReptoBoost, 100g

Reptoboost is a carefully blended mixture of glucose and maltodextrins for energy, electrolytes, vitamins and probiotics to help debilitated reptiles as a pick-me-up. Reptoboost in the drinking water will provide the extra energy needed by animals that may be under veterinary treatment, stress, or for tortoises for post-hibernation recovery.

Its high palatability means it can be added to the drinking water, making its use simple for all species of reptiles including lizards, snakes and tortoises. Reptoboost can also be administered by stomach tube when rehydrating reptiles that have become dehydrated.

Reptoboost contains probiotic organisms which live for a short time in the gut, this helps to stabilise the pH levels so that the reptile to re-establish the correct balance. The electrolytes present aid in maintaining adequate levels in reptiles with diarrhoea (during periods of diarrhoea they are losing electrolytes at a fast pace). The maltodextrins in the blend provide sustained energy rather than just a short burst.
Recommended and used by veterinary surgeons, Reptoboost is important for reptiles receiving veterinary treatment. During these times the normal gut flora may be unbalanced, and a breakout of harmful bacteria may occur, causing other health problems.